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SiriTop 5080 Tile Cutter 31”

Siritop 5080 Tile Cutter 31 is the system to cut large ceramic and gres porcelain tiles. This diamond tile wet blade cuts up to 303 cm. 2 and 4 mt lenghts also available. It comes with aluminium bar, sliding support, including handle with 12 mm carbide tungsten wheel for the incision and measuring guide, special suction cups and two pliers for splitting. The aluminium bar comes with two lateral iron rods for head sliding and cuts up to 303 cm, it can be separeted in two pieces for transport. The handle trolly support has three pulleys for sliding and comes with a carbide tungsten wheel performing incisions on any kind of ceramic. The suction cups frames can be easily installed on the aluminium bar, and they also act as guiding line for cutting measures. The aluminium bar can lodge up to six suction cups any required position. A good adhesion of the suction cups is achieved by keeping the surfaces throughly cleaned. The system is also supplied with two pliers to split the tile after the incision.