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Russo T3 Razor Super Core Wet Saw Blade 10

The "Triple Threat" T3 Razor provides: 1) Faster Cuts- The thinner the rim the faster the cut because less material needs to be removed. This is the thinnest blade we’ve ever produced! 2) Extreme Precision- Due to new “super core” technology the thickness of the core allows the blade to track precisely straight cut after cut! 3) Reduced Noise-The “super core” sandwiches the blade which limits vibration and reduces the noise level! Features: thinnest kerf (.05" thickness) - for the smoothest, chip-free precision cut, thicker, sandwiched core - reduces noise and provides less deflection, cuts glass tiles, sheet glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite, engineered stone, and natural stone, specially designed relief - keeps the blade running cooler, lasting longer, soft bonded rim - cuts into hard materials with ease.